Shooting the SCAR Lefty?

Discuss the FN lineup of tactical rifles; the FS2000, SCAR, and the venerable FAL.
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Shooting the SCAR Lefty?

Post by TheSeaDweller » 15 May 2011, 08:36

So I have been thinking about my next purchase and I am leaning towards a SCAR. The problem is I am lefty and not sure if the ejecting brass will cause any issues for me. The only rifles I have ever shot were all bolt action so don’t have any experience with a semi-auto.

Are there any lefties out there that have shot the SCAR lefty? Any issues? Anything I should take into consideration before my purchase?

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Re: Shooting the SCAR Lefty?

Post by fooschnickens » 15 May 2011, 20:20

No issues for me. Just flip the charging handle and safety lever and you're good to go.

The SCAR was built from the ground up to be ambidextrous so lefties need not be concerned.
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