Nutria Hunting

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Re: Nutria Hunting

Post by blueorison » 03 Jan 2010, 00:11

Haha yeah, except the sucking the head part always was too juicy for me... :skep:
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Re: Nutria Hunting

Post by jgreenberg01 » 03 Jan 2010, 07:11

blueorison wrote:Haha yeah, except the sucking the head part always was too juicy for me... :skep:
There's a joke in there somewhere...

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Re: Nutria Hunting

Post by bruteandbear1 » 21 Jul 2014, 09:55


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Re: Nutria Hunting

Post by Mister Freeze » 22 Jul 2014, 04:36

blueorison wrote:Crayfish =/= Crawdad.

Completely different. Used to eat crayfish growing up in Asia; they are a crustacean, but have a flat, broad shell that fans out towards the front and you eat their tails.

That's why we call them CRAWFISH, Blue. Back in the day, we had a challenge and password that supposedly included Crayfish. It was a LONG debate until we decided to accept all 3 variants.

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Re: Nutria Hunting

Post by gr8ful70x7 » 24 Jul 2014, 22:09

The nutria are nasty looking. Reminds me of a beaver and the last beaver I saw wasn't afraid of me as he was trying to get to my dog!

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Re: Nutria Hunting

Post by knifemaker » 02 Aug 2014, 21:50

if you're looking for neutria hunting and you live in md - look into dorchester county- especially any property near the blackwater wildlife reserve outside of cambridge....there was a time when the state would pay people 2$ a tail to kill them- they don't anymore , and i'm not sure what they do right now...but i know the place was over run by them and they didn't care when or with what you were killing them with....

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Re: Nutria Hunting

Post by DoubleJ » 03 Aug 2014, 11:32

I saw one of those in New Orleans years ago when we were out "fishing" in the brackish waters. Dog sized rat, stared us down as we floated by. I guess down there they get into town same way rats do in NYC and people find them in the basement and such. "We should have shotguns for this"

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