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Shooting on the move

Posted: 18 Sep 2018, 04:53
by Rapier1772
I need to do a pistol drill where I have to shoot on the move. I've done a little training on this but it was all relatively close (<15yds) and all basically a straight line to or away from target, even at ~30-45ยบ angle from center it was basically straight in or out; I can still do that much. In most of the shooting courses I've taken it's always been 'go for cover then shoot.'
Anyway, the problem I'm having comes from lateral movement.
The drill is at 25yds, move to either side while firing. Kind of on my own for training on this one & was wondering if anyone had some tips that might help. I'm going through a lot of ammo - it's fun, but expensive (even with reloads).
It's a poor excuse for training but I have watched a couple of vids on youtube about it - shooting school vids not the Joe Redneck versions :D They helped but I was just wondering if anyone had tips I hadn't seen/heard yet.
Vids basically say all movement is from lower body, upper body treated like a tank turret - maybe they word it differently but demonstration part is very similar.

Re: Shooting on the move

Posted: 18 Sep 2018, 14:31
by panzermk2
OH yeah PM Blue

Re: Shooting on the move

Posted: 18 Sep 2018, 20:25
by blueorison
So, lots of thoughts, but the answer is that if you are trying to hit a smaller/small target at 25yds, the best way to do it is to get to position as fast as possible and then engage; not shoot on the move. The whole definition of shooting on the move is fairly vague; if I break the shot as I come into position, before my toes/entire foot comes down, doesn't that still count as shooting on the move - even though this gives me a much more stable shot vs continuing on to the next step?

If you MUST shoot on the move at 25yds at a smaller target, no matter how much you use the turret/stabilize using core option, it will be too/very difficult. One tactic would be to just ambush the target with your sights. Instead of trying to stabilize on every step (slows you down too much); keep a consistent form and time the sights to break the shot when they pass the target. Don't try to consistently keep/control the front sight, but rather use the ambush method, over and over, step over step, moving the front sight front left to right/right to left/up to down/down to up/diagonally - in whatever vector that makes the most sense, and break the shot just as it passes the target.

Re: Shooting on the move

Posted: 18 Sep 2018, 21:21
by Rapier1772
Has to be done on the move, 3 shots. I kinda figured out to do the pass over method you described but still need to work on it. The target I have to hit is a TQ19 if that helps, I've ordered some but they haven't arrived yet. Right now I'm using a steel plate torso target which is smaller so if I can keep shots on it, I can hit the 19. I do find myself trying to control the front sight most of the time so I need to stop that which should speed me up a little. Thanks