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I thought Glocks were perfect

Posted: 18 May 2013, 18:33
by SHEEPDOG ... ols-video/" onclick=";return false;

Re: I thought Glocks were perfect

Posted: 18 May 2013, 18:55
by blueorison

I didn't even know about the recall 2 years ago. I didn't own a Gen 4 then, and didn't trust them back then, alongside my distrust of the M&P platform's quality. Sadly, both opinions were founded (on facts and personal experience), and I've had to change my extractors.

I don't use a dual recoil spring assembly in any gun, and will not own one with one installed. I've personally had them bind on more than one name-brand gun and cause a failure of the gun that could not be remedied without field-stripping it. Just last month, it was a Beretta. But that was not the first.

I have not used the factory RSA on my G20 Gen4, but it's great to know if I have a back up... it will most likely fail, as one.


Now I will have to constantly check my striker face. This is really annoying. I don't clean my guns often, and now I have to worry about some maintenance issue.

Very disappointed in Glock. But no point in whining, it won't change anything. I'm just going to go shoot it more till it breaks. Because I break everything, anyway. :)

Thanks for the heads-up, DW. :thumb: I will do my best and TRY to remember to check the striker face.

Re: I thought Glocks were perfect

Posted: 18 May 2013, 19:52
by panzermk2
MIM used for a FIRING PIN?

And then blame the ammo.

Re: I thought Glocks were perfect

Posted: 20 May 2013, 04:39
by Mister Freeze
is there a way to determine if you have MIM parts by S/N? I'm no Fanboy, but I like my 17's and want a few more. Like Blue, I'm guilty of neglecting to clean my weapons. That's one reason I switched from Berettas to Glocks (though in SS, Beretta 92's are BEAUTIFUL!!). It there an easy way to check the striker face?