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Subsonic Loads

Posted: 25 Jun 2010, 07:47
by kalikraven
I've spent hours going over various threads and I've gotten mixed info from them so here is my question... I even upgraded my membership so I could get access to more threads but I still have this question?

What is a safe and reliable load for 55gr Subsonics.

Re: Subsonic Loads

Posted: 25 Jun 2010, 08:09
by Grantness
For which weapon do you need the subsonic load? Obviously, a round going 1000fps out of a FsN isnt going to be subsonic in a rifle...

Doing a quick search I found a 55gr FMJ load that 1moreaug did with his AR57 I believe.
viewtopic.php?p=67654#p67654" onclick=";return false;

2.7 Gr Hodgdon Clays (not International Clays, just plain ol' Clays)
55Gr Montana Gold FMJ
mixed once fired, twice fired cases
Brass length 1.138 - 1.140
COAL 1.580 - 1.585
Primer Remington small pistol magnum 5 1/2
Temp 97 F
Altitude 1100 +/-

HI 1000FPS
AVG 991.4
Spread 25FPS
Standard Deviation 10.43
Round 1) 968
Round 2) 975
Round 3) 1000
Round 4) 994
Round 5) 1000

Search 1moreaug's posts and you'll find lots of good info on subsonic loads.

There are several members who have come up with some subsonic loads. Not all of them are for 55gr FMJ, but they can give you a good idea of where to start. I've been working with 2.6gr of VVN350 and 45gr SinterFires lately as a good subsonic load out of my 18" T/C Contender. I bet you could make it work for a 55gr bullet with a little adjustment. Certainly wouldnt have any problems using a FsN since the higher charge would take up more case capacity.

Honestly, this is a subject i've only recently delved into. I usually prefer to operate on the opposite end of the spectrum :guns: :laugh: We have been working on collecting and posting load data in the forum wiki. It might be a good project to do some more investigation and compile all of our members' contributions in one place.

Re: Subsonic Loads

Posted: 25 Jun 2010, 08:29
by I8asquirrel
I have been using 2.5 to 2.7 gr of Hogdin clays behind 55 gr nosler BT with good luck out of an AR57 16" cycles well. accurate.... been using 2.5 behind Hornady 60gr Vmax with good luck... :D

Re: Subsonic Loads

Posted: 25 Jun 2010, 09:42
by kalikraven
This would be for a SBR PS90 so the 10.4" barrel with a can attached. Thanks. I must have missed that one. I know that True Blue has been mentioned, and also it has been inciunated that low charges of this are bad. I'm thinking that somebody may have had some detonation due to a low charge. I'll have to pick up some clays.

Re: Subsonic Loads

Posted: 30 Jul 2011, 18:49
by Rapier1772
Subsonic testing for 7/30/2011 with Accurized FsN w/threaded barrel & 20lb recoil spring using VV 3N37

I did a few shots with the suppressor on because of a recent comment on the forum. It doesn't add much velocity (on avg) but it does add some.
On the filthy shells thing - I think I just didn't clean those rounds well enough after resizing & they tried to stick in the chamber

Re: Subsonic Loads

Posted: 03 Aug 2011, 18:57
by Rapier1772
Did some more testing today. Wanted to see if the 20lb recoil spring effected my old problem loads.
More failures to eject this time but I expected that as I was having the same problem using the factory spring.
Accurate 5744 had 9 keyholes out 20 rounds, but none of the others had any this time around. :ponder:

Re: Subsonic Loads

Posted: 07 Aug 2011, 16:59
by Rapier1772
Saw some people were touting 296 as a good subsonic powder so I bought some to try out. Accuracy with that powder sucked! I am not the best shot in the world but at 10 yards & from a rest, I am a helluva lot better than that :skep: Maybe I'll try some heavier bullets next time? Fortunately, I also tried some AutoComp & the right HS-6 load this time.

Re: Subsonic Loads

Posted: 14 Aug 2011, 13:42
by Rapier1772

Re: Subsonic Loads

Posted: 16 Jan 2017, 07:48
by celtic88
Rapier, have you found a good working subsonic for the FsN?
Been thumbing through the forum for awhile now, at first all my searches turned up what not to do or not to use, or really good data for the p90 or AR57.
But doing some external research of my own, trying to figure out possible powders to use, and then searching those powders in the keywords here has consistently lead me to your data over and over.
Most of the powders I came up with you have tested, but I see this thread is a few years old now.
Just wondering if you had found something that consistently cycled through the FsN with and without a can, without any keyhole.
I'm running the 5.4" barrel from efk firedragon, and will be using the 20lb hd spring from EA and suppressor is a gemtech (should have that next month) I would like to use 50gr. Z-max because I have 500 of those(they were on megasale)
Thanks in advance for any help or info

Re: Subsonic Loads

Posted: 16 Jan 2017, 11:49
by Rapier1772
Unfortunately, my subsonic reloading & testing has been put on hold for a while so I don't have any recent data.
HS-6 seemed to be the best one in my testing. I posted most, if not all, of my subsonic data in this thread:" onclick=";return false;

If you PM me your email address I would be happy to send you everything I have in an Excel file.