New source of 5.7x28 casings

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New source of 5.7x28 casings

Post by spyderco monkey » 17 Mar 2018, 02:06

There's a potential new source of 5.7x28 casings.

Their called Shell Shock LLC, and they have invented a new style of case that uses an aluminum body and a nickel/steel alloy body:



There's 5 exciting things about these cases:
-They are rated for up to 70kpsi
-Thin wall body increase case capacity by up to 7% in 5.56
-Nickel alloy has extremely low coefficient of friction (so likely no coating is required)
-The alloy body is extremely strong - does not require case trimming after firing
-The 9mm cases sell for 1/2 the cost of Starline factory 9mm brass ... as3-cases/

In short, there's potential here to revolutionize the 5.7x28 aftermarket ammo and reloading scene. Not only would this greatly lower the cost and increase availability of ammo, but it also may be possible to improve ballistic performance as the cases can handle higher pressures.

I contacted SS, and they said they could produce their cases in 5.7x28 - they just need to see sufficient demand from ammo manufacturers; they require around 2 million cases to enter production.

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