Possible powders for subsonic

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Possible powders for subsonic

Post by celtic88 » 16 Jan 2017, 09:38

Freshly joined the forum, I have been digging for working consistent subsonic data for the FsN, with spotty possible results please if you have subsonic data for pistol that cycles with no keyholes please please share.
Onto the actual topic. In my hunt for subsonic I used my powder scoop chart that came with the lee scoop set.
I was looking for any powders that had a high volume with low grain weight..only looking at the .3cc scoop and .5cc scoop
These are in order of fastest to slowest and a few of them I have left out because they were not listed on either of my powder charts (lee scoop set chart not in order)
Vn310 2.5, 4.1
A nitro 100 2.2, 3.7
Bullseye 2.8,4.7
Titewad 2.3,3.8
Redspot 2.1,3.5
Clay's 2.1,3.4
Imr 700x 2.2,3.7
Titegroup 3.5,5.9
Amer select 2.7,3.7
Solo 1000 2.3,3.8
R competition 2.3,3.9
Greenspot 2.4,4.0
Imr trailboss 1.4,2.3
International 2.4,4.0
Vn320 2.5,4.1
Imr pb 2.5,4.1
Hp38 3.2,5.4
Win 231 3.2,5.4
Sr7625 2.9,4.8
Unique 2.7,4.6
Universal 2.7,4.6
Vn330 2.8,4.6
Herco 2.7,4.5
Power pistol 3.4,5.6
Vn340 2.8,4.7
Sr4756 2.7,4.5
Imr 800x 2.8,4.7
V3n37 3.3,5.5
Vn105 3.3,5.6
Vn350 3.1,5.1
Sr4759 3.0,5.0

I've also seen accurate 5744 as a possible but do not have volume and weight in front of me at this moment.
Any insight on any of these powders what's good what's not, if any of these are unsuitable or unsafe.
Once again looking for subsonic data for pistol.
5.4inch efk barrel 1:9 twist 20lb hd EA spring looking to load 50gr z-max. Need them to cycle with no keyholes with and without suppressor.
Thanks guys

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