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R&R Weapon Systems R37.X Velocity and Gel Test

Posted: 21 Dec 2016, 21:35
by Buffman
In the interest of knowledge, I'm going to post R&R's tests here :)

Re: R&R Weapon Systems R37.X Velocity and Gel Test

Posted: 22 Dec 2016, 08:35
by DoubleJ
Half an inch in jello, I'm actually impressed.

Re: R&R Weapon Systems R37.X Velocity and Gel Test

Posted: 22 Dec 2016, 12:44
by Toaster
I think they have the better bullet options by quite a bit. I've been pestering Barnes, Cutting edge, Peregrine and others about making a sub 40 monolithic or something and they all act like its a strange request. I try not to bring up the 5.7x28.

It'd be nice to see EA invest in some new bullet options of their own. Are we going to see the brass used on new bullets? Will we be seeing Higher fps/ftlbs?

I've never been too impressed by OTC bullet loads. I can practically do the same thing. The S4M and T6B are the only ones that hold much value to me now because the bullet, powder combo. But then again, I reload and that's different to some. Anyway. Cool video thanks!


Has EA tried to make a deal with some of these boutique reloaders to use their brass. It would promote the companies and hopefully come out with a better product for the community.

I imagine RR are using 0x pulled brass to load their cartridges. We still have yet to see data or back to back comparisons that show the EA brass is actually superior to OE brass in performance. This is something important I want to see.

I feel EA has partially moved beyond reloading or providing ammunition as a viable business strategy. Not only is it expensive, but their shop times have incredibly large lead times, many of the products such as barrels, sights, and dies are not stocked, and premium priced, indicating a shortage in liquid assets, verified by the rising prices, and offering of a pay basis buyers club that only just breaks even at $500 with less of a break then some holidays. It almost pays to just wait.

There's no way it should take almost half a year to complete a trigger job, and turns me off a little, especially with it being one of the most expensive trigger jobs for a handgun. The appeal is that EA is known for allegedly being meticulous, and the resident expert for the handgun. Take advantage of this, lower the cost, speed up shop times, move more units. Maybe it's time to focus on the shop and taking care of the big money makers and stop peddling reloads.

If you need to make back money on large investments, such as your brass, powder blends, and bullet designs, doing it through the private sector, like you seem to be trying, will be incredibly slow, difficult and off putting to the people you're counting on. Look into proving the brass and marketing the it to the commercial sector where you will find the larger numbers you need. The brass manufacture at your level is incredibly bold and risky. It's like tying a rock to a bird learning how to fly.

I hate to sound like a crazy person with the wall of words. But I've spent time listening to videos and reading posts of yours as well. There are some that speak in third person, and other strange people among us 5.7 enthusiasts. I'm just telling you what I see, and mean it with the utmost sincerity.

Apologies for getting off topic. Several of these items have been on my mind and this made me think of a few. Honest discussions welcome!