Primer Problem

Reloading info for the 5.7x28mm

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Re: Primer Problem

Post by GONRA » 20 May 2015, 03:57

From the Mother Country! WOW.
Anyway, GONRA sez you're a real good sport about this stuff....
Back to my Morning Tea.
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Re: Primer Problem

Post by DoubleJ » 20 May 2015, 04:48

I still want pictures.

Some people on the forum have been giving you a hard time, Grimmond isn't one of them, that's not his style. He makes a legit point, and he's not the only one curious about your reloading experience. In my limited experience reloading, about 2.5 years, the 5.7 is unlike any other round out there. Primer flow in an AR means stop, you're way hot. Primer flow in a 5.7 means very little. Dented necks in a 300 Black Out means nothing, but in a 5.7 means you could be close to trouble. Smoky loads in a pistol means very little, smokey loads in 5.7 means you're shooting a 90 and you're getting too hot, but that doesn't seem to happen with the FsN. Big shoulder movement? Trouble was brewing with my factory barrel, but with my EA barrel it's par for the course, even 197 wrecks my brass now.

We really need pictures.

I've also found almost zero difference between primers in normal loads. If I'm looking to burn barns, I stick with what I started with, but for banging steel, even pistol primers seem to work, so I'm with GONRA on your primer issue, something seems to be wrong with them, but we need more info to help you out. If something isn't wrong with them, then your load is hot.

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