40 grain v-max hs-6 powder cci BR4 small rifle primer data

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40 grain v-max hs-6 powder cci BR4 small rifle primer data

Post by varmitsnightmare » 27 Aug 2014, 14:33

Dont know the best format to post this in but here is my way of trying:
Five seven pistol, hot humid day, 95 degrees, once fired brass( mfg unknown) twice now :D
Five shots each string , 7 strings total starting at 6.1 grains ending in 6.7
lowest spread velocity 27 fps( 6.7 grains)
average gain, per tenth grain of powder, between strings 29fps
case length 1.135
over all length 1.58
HS-6 powder
CCI BR-4 small rifle primer
Hornady Vmax 40 grain bullet
Blew one primer in 6.4 string???? Believe it was loose , no other high pressure signs.
All brass looked the same from 6.1 to 6.7 grain .( except for a blew primer)
6.1 average 1820 fps
6.2 average 1845 fps
6.3 average 1877 fps
6.4 average 1912 fps
6.5 average 1945 fps
6.6 average 1953 fps
6.7 average 1991 fps
all strings cycled well, no problems but one primer blew
This is a well known recipe, but hadnt seen one with br4 primers so thought I would post.

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