AAC 5.7

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AAC 5.7

Post by msw » 18 Sep 2008, 17:07

Anyone else out there with an AAC can?

I've tried FN's SB193 and Elite QuieTOR--both key-hole. 50% of the SB193 was about a foot off target and sideways at 3 yards. It works fine with SS197 and SS195, but is loud,as you would expect. Still waiting to hear from AAC.

Anyone have any ideas, thoughts?


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Re: AAC 5.7

Post by Wollychop » 18 Sep 2008, 17:10

If you can, look to see if you can see any bit of copper on the lip or on the baffles, might be lightly striking.

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Re: AAC 5.7

Post by msw » 18 Sep 2008, 17:13

It had before--I don't see it this time.

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Re: AAC 5.7

Post by Esteves » 18 Sep 2008, 18:50

Eliminate the major variables one at a time:
* Shooter: Use a ransom rest.
* Can: Remove suppressor and shoot naked. [I just wanted to say "shoot naked."]
* Barrel: Replace the threaded barrel w/ the original factory bbl.
* Ammo: Repeat each of the above w/ various types ammo.
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Re: AAC 5.7

Post by Holliday89 » 18 Sep 2008, 19:30

I had the AAC can, never had any trouble with it.
Sold it and got one by AWC.
AWC is more quite.

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Re: AAC 5.7

Post by Grantness » 18 Sep 2008, 20:15

take up reloading...

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