Suppressor tests for FN Five Seven

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Suppressor tests for FN Five Seven

Post by Gear Dog » 13 Dec 2014, 16:19

Hello, first time here. I've collected all of the suppressor test data I could find for the Five Seven firing standard velocity rounds. If you know of other tests, I can add them here.


These are suppressors in production with sound tests published. All have about a 1” diameter, except the Gemtech which is 1.25"

Silencerco Spectre II 6” long 1" diameter 6 oz ($295 at Silencershop)
Tactical Solutions Axiom 5.95” long 1" diameter 6 oz ($304 at Silencershop)
Silencerco Sparrow 5” long 1" diameter 6.5 oz ($380 at Silencershop)
Gemtech SFN57 5.8” long 1.25" diameter 5.2 oz ($511 at Impact Guns) – Sealed can

* Differences in testing and/or ammo appear to make major differences in measured results. For example, the Sparrow is tested by two different sources below with different outcomes. The first five-shot average reductions are 30.88 db with SS197 (Silencerco video) vs 24.52 db with unspecified ammo (Silencershop videos).

1. Silencerco Tests: SS Sparrow

SS197 (10 shots)
Unsuppressed Average 161.96 db

SS Sparrow - Dry
First Shot 132.55 (29.41 db reduction)
Best (Shot 6) 130.51 (32.24 db reduction)
Average (10 shots) 130.67 (31.36 db reduction)

SS Sparrow – Wet
First Shot 124.72 (37.24 db reduction)
Best (Shot 2) 123.57 (38.39 db reduction)
Average (Shots 1-6) 125.54 (36.42 db reduction)
Average (10) 127.67 (34.29 db reduction)" onclick=";return false;

2. Silencershop Tests: SS Sparrow, Spectre II, Tactical Solutions Axiom

Std Velocity? (5 shots)
Unsuppressed Average 160.8 db

Silencerco SS Sparrow - Dry
First Shot 137.8 (23.2 db reduction)
Best (shot 2) 133.7 (26.6 db reduction)
Average (5 shots) 136.24 (24.52 db reduction)" onclick=";return false;

Silencerco Spectre II - Dry
First Shot 130.2 (30.8 db reduction)
Best (shot 1) 130.2 (30.8 db reduction)
Average (5) 132.08 (28.68 db reduction)" onclick=";return false;

Tactical Solutions Axiom - Dry
First Shot 135.3 (25.7 db reduction)
Best (Shot 5) 129.8 db (31 db reduction)
Average (5) 131.72 (29.04 db reduction)" onclick=";return false;

3. NFA Talk Tests: Gemtech SFN57

SS195 ammo (11 shots)

Unsuppressed Average 163.6 db

Gemtech SFN57
First Shot 136.2 db (27.4 db reduction)
Best (shot 2, 4) 129.0 (34.6 db reduction)
Average (Shots 2-11) 130.44 db (33.16 db reduction)
Average (Shots 1-11) 130.96 db (32.64 db reduction)

My YouTube channel with miscellaneous equipment reviews" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Suppressor tests for FN Five Seven

Post by DoubleJ » 13 Dec 2014, 20:39

Yeah, 160+db, that's bonkers for a handgun. That's like 300mag loud. I bet with handloads using Longshot it's like 300db, that powder is stupid loud. The video comparo I came across between the Axiom and the Sparrow showed the Axiom quite a bit quieter, but different circumstances, altitude, etc so who knows. I'll have my Axiom around April, and I'll put it up against my Tirant9 with the old ear test and see how she does. Guess I should probably use 115s to keep it fair with the sonic crack.

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Re: Suppressor tests for FN Five Seven

Post by panzermk2 » 13 Dec 2014, 21:27

The FsN is no louder then full house 10mm even with my ammo.
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