Size of side pic-rails on the PS90

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Size of side pic-rails on the PS90

Post by josiahdburk » 27 Aug 2016, 01:14

Hey folks, I'm fairly new to the rifle. Want to put a rail section on the side for a light, but would really like to avoid the $60 propitiatory rails from FNH. The mounting holes are just under 2.5in center to center. Have you guys had luck with standard rail sections? Any brands that seem to fit better than others? Thanks.

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Re: Size of side pic-rails on the PS90

Post by panzermk2 » 29 Aug 2016, 05:22

There have been a few companies in the past who have made them.

I have them all CADed out but with the new brass have not had the tie to get them into production. I will though including possibly in the same other colors as our extended charging handle and rear QDC mounts.
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Re: Size of side pic-rails on the PS90

Post by NLVMike » 31 Aug 2016, 06:09

I spent a lot more than $60 on every size rail I could find that looked close. No dice. I now have a box of various rails for AR builds, and I dropped the $60 on FN proprietary rails and they work great.

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Re: Size of side pic-rails on the PS90

Post by BadMrFrosty » 31 Aug 2016, 10:17

Bullpup Armory has a 9 slot rail with the QD hole for 24.99 each. I bought a set a set up a light/lazer combo with pressure switch on one side and the other is just for my sling attachment.

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