Just purchased a 57 MKII. I just had some general questions

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Just purchased a 57 MKII. I just had some general questions

Post by JimmyTheDjent » 20 Nov 2016, 11:57

First things first this pistol is a dream come true. I've never fired anything like it.

When I got it, I first fired the SS197SR's out of it, and my sights were off way to the left. Did anyone else have this problem when they got one? Also, I've read through some earlier posts about the difference in the SS197SR rounds and the SS198LF rounds. They were saying that the SS198LF was getting a remarkable 4" higher grouping at a distance of 10 yards. I thought this was unbelievable until I fired 198's through my pistol and to my astonishment, then rounds were way higher than the 197's.

I conceal carry my 57, so I want it to be ready for anything that might come my way. So what I did was crank the rear sight WAY down to adjust for the 198's and had to go a pretty far ways to the right. I'm just wondering if anyone else had these issues straight out of the box. And if anyone has any advice for a newbie like me, I'd appreciate it. I read that someone's resolution for the round differences was that they purchased another 57 just for target and left it at the 197's sight, but I don't think I could convince my wife of letting me buy another pistol for a while now.

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Re: Just purchased a 57 MKII. I just had some general quest

Post by PursuitSS » 20 Nov 2016, 12:45

I seem to recall a posting about a FiveseveN that COULDN'T be brought on target it was so far off and FN wound up replacing the pistol.

And as you have discovered, the P.O.I. is EXTREMELY different between SS197 & SS198.

SS198 is quite a bit faster and the projectile is over 25% lighter.

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Re: Just purchased a 57 MKII. I just had some general quest

Post by Rapier1772 » 20 Nov 2016, 19:28

Another option would be to contact Jay at Elite Ammunition (panzermk2) and have him check it out. I don't know how busy he is but can't hurt to ask.
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Re: Just purchased a 57 MKII. I just had some general quest

Post by blueorison » 20 Nov 2016, 19:32

Welcome and congrats!

I don't think you're asking the right question if your question is "Did anyone else have to adjust the sights from the factory for ___ ammo."

On any given day they could change their procedures to adjust the sights or not adjust them after installation. Further, powder changes in factory ammo and POI changes, so they could constantly not match up and experiences can differ from batch (gun/ammo) to batch.

Further... barrel cut, barrel fit to frame, differences between MkII and MkI, etc. can all contribute to a very non-linear answer.

Hope that helps... it probably just raised more questions!

You're correct on the POI shift with different ammunition. It is very large. I sight in all my pistols at 25 yds and with the FsN, I've seen a 16 inch difference between different rounds... yeap, over a foot.
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