Ransom Rest

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Ransom Rest

Post by zpat » 31 Jan 2015, 21:59

My neighbor just bought a Ransom Rest and set it up between our places so I can use freely. It would be absolutely awesome to have it for load laddering/development for the 5.7x28mm, so I can eliminate the largest variable--me.

Has anyone ever owned or witnessed a Ransom Rest being used to shoot a Five Seven? If so, do you know how the person acquired the grips? Ransom supposedly has never made them (they seemed very dodgy about the answer though), but I do know of one instance where somebody did use a Ransom Rest with an FSN, but I don't know if the grips were custom made by Ransom International or by somebody else, or if they found another grip model that worked with the FiveseveN. And unfortunately, I have no way of finding that out.

Appreciate any info anyone may have about Ransom grips for FSN!


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