Need help finding a Five seveN!

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Need help finding a Five seveN!

Post by Const Advocate » 03 Jul 2013, 11:59

I'm new here, so I'd like to start off by saying hello and happy 4th of July to everyone! :patriot:

I'm quite intrigued by the FN Five seveN after reading and watching reviews. But, as you know, these are extremely difficult to come across (at good prices). I tried local gun shops, which don't have it in stock and which has auctions asking for upwards of $1,250+. I found a gentleman on a local forum selling his NIB Five Seven and we agreed to $950, but then he said he had personal issues and wouldn't be able to meet at the FFL... so that fell through.

I still would really like to become a proud owner of a Five Seven, but before I just start bidding on gunbroker and regret overpaying, I'd love to get everyone's opinion on what you would recommend paying for a USG model, where you would recommend as the best place to purchase one from ( shop/forum/gun show...) and if you have any leads on one for a good deal.

Thank you!

PS: I know the prices are high because of recent events and supply/demand...but I've seen great deals on other highly desirable firearms recently and would like to hopefully get one on the Five Seven.

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Re: Need help finding a Five seveN!

Post by blueorison » 03 Jul 2013, 12:29

Welcome! Contact one of our sponsors. They are legit and you will speak to a human being.

Charles at is a good guy. A standard price on a USG is 1050 before tax.

Hope that helps!
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Re: Need help finding a Five seveN!

Post by Rapier1772 » 03 Jul 2013, 12:37

His website is down for maintenance :(
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