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Another Battery Question (CR2016s)

Posted: 08 Sep 2009, 18:53
by Merlin
I have a Trijicon Min Red Dot that auto adjusts to the target lighting and in their instructions for certain 'bright' outdoor competitions they say that 2 CR2016s can be used to make the voltage 6V instead of 3V when using a single CR2032. This makes the Dot brighter but cuts the battery life in half.
So my questions are;
  • Can 2 CR2016s be used in the T3 and T3B?
    Have you done any testing if 6Volts does not damage the T3s?

From the pictures, the brightest setting of 11 seems like it should be enough but thought I would ask. Thanks.

Re: Another Battery Question (CR2016s)

Posted: 09 Sep 2009, 03:00
by M1P90
The REM T3 and T3b are super bright on setting #11. If they were any brighter it would probably burn your eyeballs. :laugh:
I have not tested to see if the 2 cr2016s will work but will do that when I get a chance and post the results here. :thumb:
If they work... it might be be the cure for the cold weather flicker on the green LED. :ponder:

Re: Another Battery Question (CR2016s)

Posted: 09 Sep 2009, 06:04
by Merlin
Thanks for letting me know. Remember though that your circuitry and led need to be able to take 6 volts, which I am sure you already know. Don't want you burning up units.:)
Stick them in the freezer. :cool:

Re: Another Battery Question (CR2016s)

Posted: 16 Nov 2009, 10:24
by M1P90
I finally tested the two 2016 batteries in the T3 and T3b. OMG! That thing is bright!
I tested them with the green LED to see if they fixed the twinkle factor on the low settings.... THEY DO HELP. There is still a slight flutter on #1 setting but it's not a twinkle. The #11 setting is SUPER bright!!! I need sunglasses! :cool:

So.... FYI... If any one want's to supercharge the T3 or T3b just replace the
one 2032 battery with two 2016 batteries. The Illumination is about the same on the lower settings (1, 2, and 3) but one you get to the higher settings (7 thru 11) it really takes off!

Good call Merlin!!

Re: Another Battery Question (CR2016s)

Posted: 16 Nov 2009, 11:12
by Merlin
Cool! Nice to see that it works and gives us more options. :)

Re: Another Battery Question (CR2016s)

Posted: 18 Nov 2009, 13:55
by M1P90
I did a battery test on the cr2016s and they only lasted 48 hours of continuous use.
They do burn brighter then the cr2032s but I guess the saying is true...
The brighter you burn... The sooner you burn out.

But I am glad they do work for the short intermittent emergency use. :thumb: