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by waffentomas
09 Feb 2017, 09:33
Forum: FiveseveN handguns
Topic: Two Loads vs. 1/8" steel and 1/2" Aluminum
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Two Loads vs. 1/8" steel and 1/2" Aluminum

I recently tested two loads vs. hard barriers, all fired at 10 feet. One factory load and one hand-load, from a 5.7 MkII First up was a hand-loaded SS190 vs 1/8" steel. Load is 5.7gr of Longshot at 2180fps. This load penetrated the steel and dimpled the other side. I managed to recover the bullet fr...
by waffentomas
24 Jan 2017, 13:04
Forum: 5.7x28 Reloading
Topic: Handloads are mid-air tumbling
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Handloads are mid-air tumbling

Just got back from the range and had maybe 20%-ish of my handloads are showing signs of instability at 30 feet. A lot of clean holes, but some noticeable canted entries. Two loads fired today, same bullet: Hornady 55gr JSP BC .235 OAL .705 Once fired brass CCI 400 primer OAL 1.585 First was: 4.2gr 8...
by waffentomas
19 Jan 2017, 07:48
Forum: FiveseveN handguns
Topic: New FiveSeven won't fire
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Re: New FiveSeven won't fire

Did you clean it? I have found some strange things in my NIB firearms. Once, there was a small piece of plastic in the mechanism that would not allow it to fire. Break it down and clean it...even though it's new.

by waffentomas
17 Jan 2017, 18:39
Forum: FiveseveN handguns
Topic: FNH 5.7 quit ejecting
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Re: FNH 5.7 quit ejecting

Don't give up on reloading for this cartridge and firearm. I have had no problems with RCBS dies and RCBS lube. Hasn't stuck yet after 1000+ cases.