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by KeeLow
15 Apr 2016, 18:13
Forum: Elite Ammunition
Topic: Elite Ammunition 4 14 2016 Coffee Chat
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Re: Elite Ammunition 4 14 2016 Coffee Chat

Thanks for all you do to support the 5.7 and I'm happy you see the value and the opportunity. Your efforts are appreciated. I only wish I had more money to spend on ammo, brass, accessories, etc. Hopefully soon I can send you more money LOL!! Thanks again for the update and good luck with getting th...
by KeeLow
08 Mar 2016, 05:59
Forum: FN Handguns
Topic: New FNS-40 $359.00!
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New FNS-40 $359.00!

I was able to get a new FNS-40 with (3) 14 round mags and night sights for a stupid price from Palmetto State Armory. Looks like they still have them but don't expect them to last long. The family resemblance to my FiveSeven was immediately apparent when looking at them side by side or holding them....
by KeeLow
21 Feb 2016, 16:31
Forum: Elite Ammunition
Topic: 7 inch FsN Barrels Ready to Ship NOW
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Re: 7 inch FsN Barrels Ready to Ship NOW

Nice! My next question was going to be to ask if they will be threaded. I hope to be able to order the 7" soon! That will be a nice addition to my nightstand gun.
by KeeLow
21 Oct 2015, 16:24
Forum: Lounge
Topic: Completely unrelated
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Re: Completely unrelated

I don't have a flying car or a hoverboard but I did wear my pants wrong side out today.
by KeeLow
21 Oct 2015, 16:14
Forum: Politics & Activism
Topic: H.R. 3497 proposes ban on 5.7x28 handguns and ammunition
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Re: H.R. 3497 proposes ban on 5.7x28 handguns and ammunition

I certainly hope it does not pass. I guess somebody thinks if they keep introducing it year after year he well find enough ill informed votes to support it. Hearing this again does make me glad I have my FiveSeven now and that I bought a pile of ammo for it too. It just makes me want to go but more ...
by KeeLow
07 Oct 2015, 17:31
Forum: Lounge
Topic: New Member Introduction
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Re: New Member Introduction

Finally, I have my first Fiveseven. I have been wanting one for almost ten years now and have been reading this forum periodically during that time. I finally decided I was done waiting and paid a little over $1200.00 for a new Mk II with shipping. I was able to fire a few rounds very shortly after ...