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by warlock
06 Jun 2011, 18:26
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I hope you are well and I thank You for doing a job that I don't want or can't do. Progressive loaders scare me due to this type of situation and have implemented measures for my son and I to follow when we are loading for the 5.7. We roll them on a single stage press and charge 1 case at a time and...
by warlock
06 Jun 2011, 18:06
Forum: 5.7x28 Reloading
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Re: 5.7x28 Random Reloading Discussions

I have been reloading for about 27 years and thought I knew what I was doing. My son bought a 5.7 pistol and wanted to know if we could reload for it, sure I said. I have never had such a tough time getting a round tuned to a pistol in my life. Thanks to the help on this sight we have a functioning ...
by warlock
31 May 2011, 15:41
Forum: 5.7x28 Reloading
Topic: 5.7x28 dilema
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Re: 5.7x28 dilema

My son(mtcarl) bought a set of rcbs 5.7X28mm dies and we were having the same issue of scraping of the coating on the brass. I have a fine round diamond file and eased the sharp edge on the bottom of the resizing die and have not scraped a case since. I hope this may be some help to somebody. JW