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by rlex
01 Sep 2012, 03:30
Forum: PS90 & Other 5.7x28mm Rifles
Topic: PW Arms Magazines on Sale at Cabelas
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Re: PW Arms Magazines on Sale at Cabelas

I bought one a few months ago and used the base-plate to replace the base-plate in my 30 round FN magazines -used the 30 round FN plate in the PW mag. Both worked well. Bought 3 more this week and did the same with 3 more FN 30 rounders. Now have 4 30 round range mags and 4 50 round FN mags. I have ...
by rlex
24 Jun 2011, 17:13
Forum: 5.7x28 Reloading
Topic: Anyone know where I might find a case gauge?
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Re: Has anyone fabricated a Case Gauge for the 5.7 Round?

I have one - great for the reloading process
by rlex
19 Jun 2011, 12:37
Forum: 5.7x28 Reloading
Topic: iFire's PS90 Load Data
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Re: iFire's PS90 Load Data

Loaded 30 rounds with 40 gr VMAX with 5 grains of Alliant Steel - shot 15 rounds this afternoon from PS-90 at 75 yds. All 15 rounds cycled properly. Primers and casings looked good. Sorry no chronometer data. Thanks for the load data. Rob
by rlex
04 Jun 2011, 16:53
Forum: 5.7x28 Reloading
Topic: New Powders in the 5.7x28
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Re: New Powders in the 5.7x28

Based on some previous posts - I have loaded and tested about 20 rounds with Blue Dot - 6 grains with 40 grain VMAX or 40 grain Blitzking in my PS 90 - all have cycled well - primers look good etc. Tanners (my local gun shop) ordered me a 1 lb of Alliant Steel and I received it this week. I am tryin...
by rlex
21 Apr 2011, 09:42
Forum: PS90 & Other 5.7x28mm Rifles
Topic: New PS 90
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New PS 90

Bought a PS90 from Tanner's in February - they are my local gun shop 15 min Have reloaded a few rounds using 6 gr Blue Dot and 40 gr VMAX using a Lee Die Set - no problems cycling and spent casings looked fine." onclick=";...