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by msportack
29 Dec 2010, 08:47
Forum: PS90 & Other 5.7x28mm Rifles
Topic: AR 57 opinions please
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Re: AR 57 opinions please

I, too, shoulder rifles lefty. I'm right-handed but left-eye dominant and my father insisted I learn to shoot longarms lefty! I enjoy my AR57, but to be completely fair when you live with it a while, it becomes clear that it's a bit of a kludge. First minor annoyance is the top-mounted magazine. Rea...
by msportack
27 Dec 2010, 13:41
Forum: 5.7x28 Reloading
Topic: Dillon 650 reloading
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Re: Dillon 650 reloading

I would be interested as well. Love my 650 but have actually been considering buying another press to reload 5.7s. A 650 shell plate would save considerable real estate on my reloading bench...please keep me posted of your progress!