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by usmcronin
30 Jan 2011, 19:38
Forum: NFA Weapons
Topic: Forum Input for Suppressors
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Re: Forum Input for Cans" onclick=";return false; A friend on mine builds these, and another of my friend tested fired one on his PS-90 and was very impressed. Sorry no sound data was taken. It's on my wish list as well as one of hi...
by usmcronin
30 Jan 2011, 19:22
Forum: NFA Weapons
Topic: Experiences with .45ACP cans?
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Re: Experiences with .45ACP cans?

I've used friends .45 cans on a Mac-10, old school can, big, but somewhat effective. Technology has come a long way baby. I've also shot a few .45's with AAC cans And they we're all nice. I'm waiting on the paperwork to comeback on my Osprey .45 FDE can for my FNH FDE .45 Tactical. I was quite impre...
by usmcronin
30 Jan 2011, 14:44
Forum: FN Bolt Action Rifles
Topic: Who makes canted scope rails for the PBR?
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Re: Who makes canted scope rails for the PBR?

Contact NEAR MFG, they make the factory FN base rails, they more then likely will have or can make what your looking for. AT least they did on the ones I have, I'm assuming FNH still uses them as the OEM provider. My FNH PBR-XP came with the NEAR mount. And Bob A. at FNH sent me a NEAR mount when I ...