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by JCIS1
29 Jan 2015, 22:36
Forum: PS90 & Other 5.7x28mm Rifles
Topic: PS90 HD Bolt Rate Reducers.
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Re: PS90 HD Bolt Rate Reducers.

I would love to have enough of your ammo to shoot to have a problem where I needed this!
But I would still buy it hoping enough of the good ammo shows up to notice the difference.
Never had a problem with regular blue tip in any of my FN5.7s
by JCIS1
29 Jan 2015, 04:12
Forum: Lounge
Topic: Rye Whisky
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Re: Rye Whisky

At my age now I only drink for the taste so I only drink the best I can afford way before I decide to open it! So it produces a desire worth waiting for and leaves a good memory afterwards. Like a good woman. Or shooting a great gun with the best ammo possible like the FN5.7 and Elite Ammo.
by JCIS1
28 Jan 2015, 01:47
Forum: Accessories For Sale
Topic: WTT: SS190 & L191 / SS191
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Re: WTT: SS190 & L191 / SS191

Do you have any ammo still? Are you interested in a Tactical Operations built Sniper Rifle: Echo51 ??
by JCIS1
28 Jan 2015, 01:33
Forum: Elite Ammunition
Topic: T6 Quality Control Testing
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Re: T6 Quality Control Testing

I would love 2 or 3 or 4 boxes if I could get it! Is there any hope of that in the near future??
by JCIS1
28 Jan 2015, 01:25
Forum: Elite Ammunition
Topic: Elite Ammunition 1 22 15 Coffee Chat
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Re: Elite Ammunition 1 22 15 Coffee Chat

Is there any AMMO available ? Any at all? Especially LEROY? Where do I look and when is the best time to look so I can get some before it is all bought up? Please help. I am trying to learn how to use the forum and web site but we are so busy it has not been easy! I love Elite ammo!