Ammunition in Canada

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Ammunition in Canada

Post by gr8ful70x7 » 29 May 2011, 23:31

After receiving a wonderful order from EA in Boise, I have been trying to get my ammo to Alaska. While I was prepared to fly it up on Alaska Airlines, they have a limit of 50 pounds--which is far below my ammo order. :p

OK, 4500 rounds might seem like gluttony but the fact is we can't get ammo shipped up here since everything arrives by air. And Lisa was extremely helpful in getting my order a while back. Yes, I am patient but I try to be practical as well. I don't reload and this should last me a long time. :D

So, I decided that another 100 pounds in my SUV might be a piece of cake for my vehicle but wasn't sure Canada would allow any ammo, especially hand gun ammo, into and thru Canada. After years of hearing how restrictive Canada is and has been, I got Great News. :clap:

Mind you, one can't take a sealed handgun thru Canada like we used to and transporting long guns requires permits and fees. I will not be carrying anything illegal any where.

I read on the internet that Canada allowed up to 200 rounds or up to 1500 rounds for use in target competiting, but a call to authorities in Canada inform me that as long as it is under 5,000 rounds over a one month period, I can bring my personal 5-7 ammo for my own use thru Canada.

This was hard to believe, so I called back three weeks later and asked again and for written confirmation. Yes, I can take all my ammo thru without any special permits or fees, and I have PDF files via e-mail detailing the guidelines!

So, it is just a matter of making a trip outside and bringing it all home. I'm hoping the price of gas will drop some (and if our keepers want to keep Obama in office, they need to drop that price as fast as they can and as low as they can to give use a false sense of security thinking his 'jobless economic recovery' is working!) and will travel in August.

I still can hardly believe it. Anyone wanting more info, let me know. I have three PDF files to share:

Attached are guidelines for import of ammunition and firearms into Canada. Note that as per attached Memorandum D19-6-1, up to 5,000 rounds of standard ammunition may be imported into Canada without a permit; however, note that there are some further differences for residence and non-residents as indicated on page 24 of the attached Memorandum D19-12-2. This Memo also clarifies in para 158 that "Non-residents may move ammunition in transit through Canada."

<<d19-6-1-eng.pdf>> <<d19-13-2-eng.pdf>> The following document is also referenced in the documents above.



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Re: Ammunition in Canada

Post by Rapier1772 » 30 May 2011, 01:04

Great news! You're going to have a lot of fun going through 5000 rounds per month :laugh:
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Re: Ammunition in Canada

Post by Bones » 30 May 2011, 15:08

That is great news. I as you when I travel research state and local laws since they flip-flop around all over the place. Its nice to know what you get into before hand to avoid any possible issues when firearms and ammunition is concerned.

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