Let's see your bench!

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Re: Let's see your bench!

Post by flyingirish04 » 27 May 2013, 10:01

Spec-K wrote:Hi guys.
Love this thread!

Here is my setup.
I built it to be portable, so I can bugout with it if needed, but it also works great for taking it inside the house in case its too freezing cold in my garage, I want to be with my family, or if I want to load while using the best stereo. ;)
It's great for going to a buddy's house for a reloading party or a trip out in the woods to work up some loads... A bit excessive... Maybe...! ;)

It has a big enough footprint that it doesn't move around, especially when the side trays are loaded with bullets and built rounds.
The handle also stops right against the wood on a full throw.


Very cool
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Re: Let's see your bench!

Post by dfosland » 25 Oct 2013, 16:51

Yes, I know this a few months gone since the last post here, but figured that since I finally got going reloading the 5.7 round, now would be a good time to document what my bench does look like. Not the cleanest, but a lot less mess on it than normal. Also, for those that care, the reloading block the ammo is sitting in are the primer trays from my BMG reloading, they come in handy when reloading .308 as well, insert the brass neck down to show a primer inserted, makes it easier for QC when working that stuff.



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I added a cleaning bench...

Post by Rodentman » 29 Nov 2013, 12:03

Started with one bench but with the purchase of a couple3 of AR15's (and 5.7 upper) I needed a separate cleaning bench so I built this:


This is the original bench and tools area:


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