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Re: Chronographs

Posted: 26 Apr 2011, 00:34
by CenCalSplicer
panzermk2 wrote:
Visceral_Malice wrote:Rapier I'm actually pretty sure mine is defective now, but thanks for checking that out. We shot some 45 colt through it the other day at about 10' and it was reading either 200fps or 1100 fps, either of which is ridiculous.

Did I mention that I hate Chronographs?

So let me get this straight....You hate chronographs Jay?? I hope I don't get to that place but I'm sure I will if mine starts to work like yours have.

Re: Chronographs

Posted: 26 Apr 2011, 21:05
by panzermk2
As of today I just finished making my own. Tested it and it works great. Only issue is after reading the bullet it reads 3 additional shots all that are the gas stream even at 10 feet behind it. The chronoy does though measure the speed of the gas vary well as it tapers down to the third reading around 400fps.

Re: Chronographs

Posted: 04 Aug 2014, 18:39
by Rapier1772
I have an F1 Chrony, it normally doesn't take data when inside a building (indoor range) but Chrony has come out with LED light source for it at $88.
I have another project going with Radio Shack light strip and I got to thinking, why wouldn't that work for the chrony? A light is a light right? As long as it's DC, it should work. :ponder:
So I took a couple strips that were set up for the other project & put them on top of the diffusers, shining toward sensors of course. I wired them up to a 12V source (button cell batteries in series) & tried it out with my bow - it worked perfectly.

EDIT: It did not work reliably with 5cm strips (3 LEDs) but it does work with 10cm strips (6 LEDs). It will be brighter if you use an actual 12V battery/power supply instead instead of those daisy chained button cells I was using before.

Reminder - this worked for archery, I have not tried it for firearms yet.