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Posted: 31 Oct 2008, 18:52
by no one
Does anyone have any pet loads they are willing to share? All standard cautions, and denials of any responsibility apply...
A few that have worked out well for me (and one bad one)
1. Fed brass
Fed 210M primer or CCI/BR2
42.5 grains of Reloader 15
168 SMK C.O.A.L. 2.810
2. Fed brass
Fed 210M or CCI/BR2
43 grains varget
175 SMK C.O.A.L. 10-15 thou off the lands
3. One that NEVER shot well was Speer 168 match bullets (30 cal of course) with any seating depth, or charge of R-15 or Varget. I wrote to Speer and asked if it was possible that they had a bad lot of bullets as they wouldn't shoot well in my FN, or my Sako TRG22. To eliminate shooter error as the possiblility, I would shoot Federal GMM the same day, and they shot just like normal...great. Speer never even responded to my email, so I won't bother with them again..I was disappointed in the lack of customer service as their primers sure seem to work well...just not their bullets.


Posted: 02 Jan 2009, 15:27
by p99guy
I use 42.0gr Reloader 15,and 168 SMK-federal match primers... all else the same as yours(works well with 168gr Hornady A-Max match bullets too)

I weigh each and every powder charge, and do the same for the bullets- segregating them into like piles. The Army Marksmanship Unit does the same thing, because even though Match bullets are held to a higher standard than hunting bullets- there are still variances that
come to light as soon as you start weighing them.


Posted: 13 Mar 2009, 13:29
by no one
I also weigh each charge and double check them. One of the biggest factors I have found to improve accuracy is by checking each round for runout. Any rounds with .0005 runout or less have much better accuracy. Rounds with .002 runout shoot 1 inch at 100 yards, the .0005 runout shoots .3 to .4 inches at 100 yards....regularly. Everything else is the same except the runout is lower in the really accurate rounds.