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by Lucifer
20 Jul 2016, 09:20
Forum: 5.7x28 Reloading
Topic: Min Velocity for Reliable Expansion w 40gr VMax?
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Min Velocity for Reliable Expansion w 40gr VMax?

I saw some gel tests where factory SS197SR expanded unreliably. I think the only one he got good expansion on was a random high vel round about 1770fps (most were closer to 1700fps). Hornady says in their literature expansion down to 1600fps, but the product page has 2000fps as the min muzzle veloci...
by Lucifer
19 Jul 2016, 20:40
Forum: 5.7x28 Reloading
Topic: AA#7 in the 5.7x28mm?
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AA#7 in the 5.7x28mm?

I load AA#7 in a variety of calibers and was pleased to see it listed in the Accurate loading manual. Perusing this site I found a thread from a few years ago where one guy said AA#7 meters poorly and described it as a flake powder. The AA#7 I load is more of a ball type powder and meters quite well...