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ron a
09-14-2005, 10:14 PM
Shot my gun for the first time today - I had loaded 50 rounds of ammo using once fired cases and CCI 400 primers - 35 Gr. Vmax bullets. I didn’t remove the staking of the primer pocket. Used a RCBS hand primer kit and when encountered a hard to seat primer just rotated the case and the primer would seat. Used True Blue power.
Results as follows:

6.0 grs – 1800, 1854, 1857, 1871, 1883 All primers were flat and cratered around the firing pin strike. Fired brass landed ahead to the right about 15 feet from gun.

6.2 grs – 1912, 1923, 18,62,1886, 1943 All primers as above. Fired brass went all over the place 20 feet away.

Factory SS196 S.R. – 1526,1594,1568, 1609 Primers normal and no bleeding around the strike area. Brass dropped 5 – 7 feet to right in same place. This is a real low load.

Used rest of rounds on targets.

Factory ammo shot first and groups around 4” – 6” inches.

6.0 grs. After shooting the above – got 1” – 1 ˝ “ groups from a rest. Same results from the 6.2” loads.

Conclusion: the SS196 S.R. is crap.
As I shot, the velocity became greater, the Bbl became hot, and the groups became smaller. I don’t think I would go over 6 grs. I have some 30 gr. Burger bullets on order and will load these with same powder and use 6. grs. I would expect higher vol.
With the right loads the gun is a tack driver…

I reloaded the cases tonight and saw no expansion to the primer pockets.

09-15-2005, 10:09 AM
Thanx for the report, esp. the accuracy but what distance did you shoot? Regardless, it is good to see that there is plenty of room for improvement over the factory load--makes it all worthwhile. Let me suggest you now try some different primers with the 6.0 and see what happens...

ron a
09-15-2005, 11:44 AM
Shot at 25 yards - standard 25 yard bull. Results was not expected from a "plastic" gun..

09-19-2005, 01:04 PM
Congradulations on the new experience. The first time I loaded 5-7 I wrecked atleast 10 cases before I got it right. :)

ron a
09-20-2005, 07:17 PM
I shot Berger 30.gr with True Blue 6. gr. - appears to be a light load in comparison to the same load with 35. gr Hornday.

The prior experence with the Hornday was flat primers, cratered around the fireing pin strike.

The same 6gr. with Berger 30 gr - primers show no stress. Small fireing pin strike, same as the factory 196 ammo.

My impression is that the 6 gr. load of True Blue can be increased without problem.

All chro at around 1999 - 2002

Gun groups great - all in the 10 ring at 25 yards off rest.