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09-12-2005, 04:26 PM
If youve read my H110 horror stories, you can see I was looking for a faster burning powder. Winchester 231 was listed as the fasted burning powder I had. So, I loaded a couple rounds just to see what the results would be. Only difference is this time, any sign of anything I didnt like, I would stop immediately.

First loads were with the 40gr V-Max, something to compare to what the
SS196 was supposed to be. Since this is just a powder test, did not measure OAL. Once/If an acceptable load was found would fine-tune that.

Powder Winchester 231
Primer Winchester WSR

4.6 gr 1616 fps, primer dimpled, light recoil
5.0 gr 1753 fps, primer dimpled, light recoil
5.5 gr 1891 fps, primer shows some cratering, recoil heavier

Ok, SS196 advertised at 1600 fps so even lightest load surpassed that.

Next batch was 10 ea at 5.0 and 5.2. results:

5.0 1743, 1754, 1749, 1753, 1759
1753, 1748, 1755, 1745, 1757 ave 1752, avd 4, max 9

5.2 1796, 1775, 1752, 1784, 1762
1753, 1774, 1763, 1784, 1795 ave 1773, avd 11, max 23

Even though 5.2 had better velocities with no signs of high pressures, 5.0 was more consistent and still above advertised SS196. Charge I decided on to fine tune.

By this time I had picked up some 33gr Speer TNT-HP.

Tried different charges from 5.2-6.2, best results were 5.7gr. Can provide you all the details but they are scattered on pieces of paper all over the house.

Projectile 33gr Speer TNT-HP
Powder Winchester 231
Primer Winchester WSR

5.7 - 2084, 2081, 2087, 2103, 2081
2082, 2102, 2086, 2082, 2085 ave 2087, avd 4, max 6

I was able to get these moving over 2150 fps with 6.0 gr but the primers were cratering and the variance in velocity was greater, and going to 6.2 did not increase the velocity, only the damage to the primers, and the recoil was higher but still considerably lower than those felt with the H110.

Right when I thought I had this caliber figured out, the cycling problems were noticed. My other complaint with these loads is that although I can easily and consistently hit a 12x12 plate at 75 yds, the grouping at 10-25 yards is a lot worse than I expected from this (advertised) super accurate and flat shooting round.

Ive been shooting my 5.7 with 231 for at least a month now and these 33gr TNT-HPs do a nice job on a prairie dog but Im getting tired of having to manually cycle the second round. Thats the reason I ended up here at this site.