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04-20-2007, 09:53 PM
A lengthy read, but worth it.


There is a final practical point. It is obvious that many

of us weight the costs of guns differently. Some people

viscerally hate guns, see no utility in them and think it is

insane to talk about balancing factors like the benefits of

defensive gun use and the political value of an armed citizenry.

These benefits though are for a second group, core points in a

thoughtful approach to the gun question. And there is a third

group that is just as visceral about gun rights as the first is

about gun control.

The single thing all three groups agree on is that there

are some people who should not have guns—criminals, the

insane, etc. Beyond that there seems little common ground.

Because many in the first group have acknowledged that their

ultimate aim is prohibition but also have said it will have to be

achieved incrementally, those in the second and third group

tend to view many gun control proposals as another scoot down

the slippery slope. If the Court finally takes prohibition off the

table by affirming that the Second Amendment protects an

individual right, the central barrier to consensus on measures

that would further restrict the untrustworthy from accessing

guns would dissolve. That would be good for all of us.

04-20-2007, 11:41 PM
Free speech is an individual right, Not quartering soldiers is an individual right, Illegal search and seizure is an individual right.

I don't get why they think guns are a collective right. And the whole "hunting" twist to it is a joke also, no where does it say "keep and bear arms to hunt." Also, the fact that they always say "semi-automatic weapons weren't around when this amendment was created" Neither were computers, television, phones, or radio. All of which they use for their speaches, which I think has probably led to more deaths and violence than guns.