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01-08-2007, 04:03 PM
I am traveling to visit my kids & grandkids soon & my son-in-law that introduced me to handguns said bring your new Five-Seven and Sig Equinox. Have any of you carried your handguns in your checked baggage? Is it a hassle or do they let you by without the 3rd degree after you declare you have 2 locked, unloaded firearms in your suitcase(no ammo). Here is what United says:

Federal regulations require that firearms in checked baggage or in their own shipping case be unloaded and declared. Firearms are not allowed in carry-on bags. Firearms in checked baggage must be packed in a locked hard-sided bag or gun case. A maximum of 11 lbs. of small arms ammunition is allowed in checked luggage in the original manufacturer's box or securely packed in a fiber, wood, or metal box to prevent movement of cartridges.

Maximum per case is 3 rifles/shotguns or 5 pistols/revolvers, 5 lbs. ammunition, shooting mat, noise suppressors, and tools. There is no limit on the amount of cases allowed.
Ammunition is limited to 11 lbs. per passenger. Excess baggage charges may apply to each gun case if it is in excess of the free baggage allowance and/or oversize/overweight.

& yes, I have done the obligatory search and can't find a thing. Any feedback would be helpful. I don't think the airlines will be anywhere near the problem as my loving wife.

01-08-2007, 04:11 PM
see if you can buy ammo locally. if so, buy it there, as it cuts down the hassle of flying with it.

usually you declare the firearms and have to fill out a form and put it into your locked gun case. best bet is to accompany the firearms/luggage to the tsa screener and watch them inspect it. lock it up after they check and take the keys. you shouldn't have to surrender the keys w/o being present.

most times, the screeners are pretty professional about this. some even talk to you about your guns. good luck and have fun!