View Full Version : Is it worth trying for an FFL and building an indoor range in CA (Bay Area)?

01-03-2007, 04:24 AM
-- This was posted in CalGuns but I'd like to get feedback from those outside PRK...

I recently had an employment change and have been looking again at a long time desire to open a gun store/indoor range in the northern east bay (thinking San Leandro to Oakland somewheres).

I've drawn the basic business plan, have my forms and have some ideas as far as something different for the indoor range portion; at least 100 yd rifle, some sort of interactive (tactical) targets and bays as well as more "fun" type shoots.

I wanted to know if there is:

a) interest with regards to those areas (geographically)?
b) Is the climate in CA so bad for dealers that it's just not worth doing (in other words would you like another shooting alternative)?
c) Are there things missing at the ranges/gun stores you visit that you'd like to see incorporated into a eutopian shooting range/gun store?

I would really like to hear from the FFLs that are on here and your thoughts to not only the pros, but pitfalls as well of your craft.

Comments and input greatly appreciated.

01-03-2007, 02:44 PM
while i'm not a ffl, i am in the bay area:

a. i'm always looking for new places to shoot.
b. yea, it's bad here. i don't think sf has any more ffl's. :-(
c. there's both indoor/outdoor ranges here, so we can get everything, just not at one place.

luck. maybe i'll post this reply at calguns, also?