View Full Version : misc. tests

07-18-2005, 08:24 PM
OK, while I had the chrono set up I decided to goof around with a few oddballs:

4 factory ss192 rounds, bullets pulled and replaced with Vmax 35 grain. I resized the cases so neck tension would be consistent:

1781 mean, 139 es, sd 66

1 example only, 6.6 grains factory ss192 powder in once fired case, CCI 400 primer, and 35 grain Vmax:

1800 fps

Also, I ran some Power Pistol 6.0 grains with a CCI 400 instead of the 500 I used last outing:

1986 mean, 134 es, sd 53

Draw your own conclusions, my head is spinning right now from data overload. Must clean gun...
Must unwind....