View Full Version : Oh the hypocrisy….

11-18-2006, 04:38 PM
Getting my new black FS2000 has been a soap opera – long story short, my previous FFL gave up his license and I was forced to find a new one. Anyhow, go in to pick it up the other day, and the door on the pawn shop says “proudly defending your right to keep and bare arms”, or something to that effect. I see that and I think – great, looks like a place I can do business with. So I go in, introduce myself and tell why I’m there… and the first thing from the woman mouth was “that’s an assault rifle isn’t it?” – quickly followed by “if I had known that, I would not have done the transfer”.

My verbal replay to her rhetorical question was “some might call it that”. If I was on neutral ground, then I might have said a thing or two. However, as far as I’m concerned, I’m a guest in their business, and its not my place to debate them and their politics/point of view. I’m not one to cower from a fight, but then again, I’m not disrespectful either.

First - it really bothered me – the rank hypocrisy they showed. The message on the door cleanly indicated they support my right – however, what the sign should have read was “we support your right to keep and bare arms…that we approve of”. Pure BULL!@#$ - if you ask me.

Second - since the FS2000 has a thumbhole stock and not a pistol grip, it would not have been an “assault weapon”, under the federal definition anyway – at least that is my understanding. Since she had made he mind up it was an assault weapon, I guess using facts with her would have been pointless.