View Full Version : I respectfully would like to talk about the Gunplumber thread

Right Side Up
11-13-2006, 11:56 PM
:welcome: Hi all, I'm a old member of the Fal Files, and something was posted there today with regards to Gunplumber being banned here. Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea, Gunplumber and I do not get along, he would prefer I was banned over there. But having described our mutual dislike for one another I want to say that it is my opinion that his work is of the finest sort. His people skills are not what they could be for sure, hence the friction between he and I, but if his workmanship is called into question on any internet site, shouldn't he be able to face his accuser and ask for proof of it? We are talking about a man's livelihood here after all.

I am not taking up for Gunplumber, but taking up for Due Process. I know that no laws apply on an internet website, what happens is totally at the discretion of the site owner, but the ideal of due process is very much American, and being Americans I would hope that you all here would want a man accused of shoddy work to be able to defend himself.

Now, I myself would have to see it to believe it if he in fact botched a job. I hope that I don't get banned for making this post, but what I have done is right in my heart.

11-14-2006, 12:04 AM
He was removed because he cannot communicate in a respectful manner. He has shown this before and I will not let this become a new forum for him to rile people up.

I have personally seen some of his work and it literally looked like Krylon. Not my definition of quality, but that was not the reason for his removal, it's his attitude that I don't like and I will not have it on this website.

11-15-2006, 02:04 AM
The way he acts on Falfiles (im a longtime member there too and have had to put up with him and his attitude) he should be banned from there or flat told to behave himself by the staff. He also acts up on AR15.com....I have no sypathy for this man what so ever. If that is the only reason you registered here, you wasted your time and ours....and your heart has little to do with questioning our motives about your friend. He just made the mistake of thinking he could act here like he does everywhere else....we flush the toilet here anytime its needed however.

I love the thread going on over there..and No Gunplumber didnt register here a long time ago, just august and never posted....I do see where you are glad you took up for him and we are not well thought of . and that he treated you rather badly even though you tried to help.