View Full Version : Used my 5.7 today

07-01-2005, 07:50 PM
I do not like snakes, if I come up on one unexpectledly near by, my first reaction is to kill it, no matter the species or it's intentions. Sorry, that's the way I'm programed.

Stopped at the store today and picked up a few more boxes of SS196 ($24.99 per). Got home, informed the wife any gun fire she heard would not be a cause for concern and went back out to the truck for hearing protection and a box of 5.7 to shoot at the spinner targets in the backyard. Out from under my truck slithers a 3' copperhead headed for the woods. Opened fire and got him on the 3rd shot (not used to shooting this close). It caused about half of the front of the snake to vanish causing a fast demise of the victim of the gunshot. Pretty impressive as he, or she, was on concrete. Bullets caused no apparent damage to the concrete, no spalling. Was not concerned about richocetes due to the angles involved, the bullets no doubt came apart as they hit the drive and had they richoceted would have ended up in the lake.

Conclusion of todays shooting report.

07-01-2005, 11:12 PM
Gunny: 1
snake: 0

:) not a bad report.....I have allways felt a five seven would make a good pistol for use on farms and ranches to take care of ....things

I too grew up on a farm where we had no love of the cottonmouths,diamondback rattlers, and copperheads that were in abundance
We delt with them like they do landmines in Bosnia.."we blew them in place"
as they would bite livestock and family pets...the only good one was a dead one.