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06-19-2005, 07:16 PM
I know this is a side topic completely, but I am in need of some help.

I have a Rem PSS in .308. I have a ghille suit that I made according to John L. Plaster. Which works very well ;) But, now that I have my PSS done I want to put some ghille on it as well.

I have looked high and low,looked through 2 video's and several books on the topic of sniping.

Alas, I cannot find 1 good picture of a rifle with a ghille job. The movie Sniper with Tom Beringer has a couple scenes, but I do not have it handy.

I need to see how it is attached and blended on the rifle.

Thanks for any help.


06-19-2005, 08:17 PM
I've seen a lot of guys post pics at www.snipersparadise.com

06-19-2005, 08:28 PM
and then the ghillie materials attached?

I went with an urban (dark gray, medium gray, light gray, and medium tan)Flectarn on my SL8. Had it painted by a guy at www.nouglyguns.com; but i haven't seen that web site up for a while. But he did a great job, if you like that sort of thing.

06-20-2005, 03:25 AM
my good friend (a sniper with the 75th Ranger regiment), explans to me that you start with a wrap of some net-like material. Based on the weapon system, in his case an SR-25, begin wrapping where the front sight post would be and cross wrap down to the butt-plate. ensure not to hinder weapon function. Attach jute as desired. He says he used a similar system for his M-24 as well. ghilliesuits.com sells one pre-made for $40.

06-20-2005, 02:37 PM
Thanks for the replies everybody.

I made my boonie cap net longer to drape over 50% of my rifle when in the prone.

I was just needing to break up the business end while stalking. I have a net made for it Pookster and it does work great ;), I was just curious about other methods.

Thanks alot and regards,,,

I have