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04-11-2006, 05:46 PM
so what press and dies are you guys using?

i see hornady and rcbs selling quite a few dies, and i'm trying to pick between the hornady new dimension dies and the much cheaper rcbs dies. also, rcbs has the small base dies which resize a bit smaller for semi-autos.

anybody try more than one set of dies yet? got a favorite?

anybody using a progressive press?

i've got a dillon 1050 that i want to crank these out on, but (much to my surprise) they seem to have wussed out and claim they won't be offering anything in 5.7x28. hopefully, it's not because of their lawyers, but it can't be economics, as they offer equipment for plenty of other calibers with smaller markets.

anyways, if i have to kick the blue stuff, i guess the next logical choice is the hornady press. i know they offer the dies, but do they offer shell plates and case feeders, etc? i can't seem to find them online.

i plan to work the loads up on my forester co-ax, which should take any of the dies well enough, and has a spring-loaded shell-holder so it's pretty versatile in terms of cartridges.

thanks for any tips or experiences related

04-11-2006, 07:53 PM
I posted a few things about the hornady LnL press.. they too said a no go for making a shellholder, or a case feeder for the 5.7 (for NOW) .. I picked up a kit for the dillon 550.. now all i need is a 550 and i can start crankin them out.. I also use the Hornady dies, I like them and they work well.. IMHO .. i believe it was Brown who found them at cabelas for like 31 bucks... I paid the 57 bucks at midway... hope this helps some and happy reloading..