View Full Version : Help with TN FFL Transfer

03-14-2006, 07:53 PM
I went to pick up my PS90 today and was told that I had to pay TN sales tax (over $200). They told me that since an invoice was sent I had to pay the tax. I think that they are full of it.
I went to another dealer on the way home and they said that they had never heard of charging for tax on an out of state transfer and that a transfer from them costs $25. The first dealer wanted to charge me $50 for the transfer and another $10 for the background check. I thought that it was only $25 per some law.
Any feed back on how to check on this would be greatly appreciated.


03-14-2006, 08:08 PM
fine tell them to to give you the tax form and docs and you will fill them out and send it in with the check :MM

honestly sounds like bull sh*t they want to get rid of you so they sell it on the open market and make alot more money on it