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03-10-2006, 01:35 PM
Here's a little blurb I wrote on another forum. I had asked about beginner training courses and they directed me to DTI. I kept the nitty gritty out of it, since most of those guys have been there and done that. I can go into more detail about the weekend if anyone is interested. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Well, we got back from the DTI training course in Victoria, TX late Sunday night. It took me a while to get caught up with work and rest, but what an experience. Thanks to each of you that recommended it to us. The improvement from start to finish was astonishing. I started out the day AWFUL. Of course, I was one of those macho guys that thought that they already knew how to shoot, and all I wanted was some new techniques and practice. After looking at my first target, I was appalled. I made excuses about not being comfortable with the Glock, the .40 recoil, the sights, etc.

Meanwhile, my little 100 lb. trooper of a girlfriend was out there getting knocked all over the place by the recoil from a 9mm Glock that she really couldn't even get her hands around. The recoil was picking both her feet off the ground and her support hand was leaving the grip at times. Recoil that is just annoying to us was really punishing her. But she just ignored it all, took her time, did what the instructor said instead of butchering it with bad habits, and scored hits. She literally could not miss from shot 1. Over the entire weekend, I think her hit rate was probably in the 90+% range. She was easily the best shooter in the class, and she had fired a handgun only twice before this. All of the guys in the class would have been pissed off at her showing them up had it not been so amazing to watch. I was so proud when she was the first pick for the team relays. I was selected somewhere near the bottom...

During the random pick-up drill, one of the pistols she fired was a 1911. The slide almost whacked her in the forehead, but all you heard downrange was a loud PING! Later in the day, she got nailed in the thigh with a ricochet and just shrugged it off. When it came time to test on the last day, her body finally let her down. She was so tired she couldn't even rack the slide. She laid down for about 15 minutes, came back shooting through tears of frustration and passed the test with a time faster than a good portion of the class.

It's amazing what you can do when you don't know you can't do it. Had someone forced me to take the class with a .50, I would have quit after the first day. Watching her do it right against all odds forced me to discard my excuses and habits, open my mind, and get down to the business of learning. I managed to improve from one of the worst shots (maybe 50% at the beginning of the course) to being the top shooter, and won a neat little Cold Steel Gunsite knife for my efforts. But I still think the gun should stay on her side of the bed... :)

03-10-2006, 08:24 PM
sounds like you had fun!