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Evan Stevens
02-20-2006, 11:52 PM
I have tested some 55 grain and 35 grain loads against each other. The 55 grain load is 4.6gr Power Pistol 55gr FMJ. The 35 is hollowed out 55gr with aluminum inserts. The 55gr penetrated 800 pages of a catalog and 500 pages of another. I recovered the bullet, it was in tact weighing 54.3gr. It was slightly bent indicating yawing and so did the "damage" to the catalog. This is no way near the max for 55gr. The 35gr load penetrated almost as far and totaly fragmented. I only recovered a-little of the jacket and none of the core. the "damage to the target did indicate yawing. This load is near max with 6.2gr of Power Pistol.

From all of this unscientific testing I gather the 55gr loads are more effective on unarmored targets. The 35gr load just did not stay together. I will try a steel core next, but I don't think it will preform much differantly. I am going to put all of my future efforts into developing the perfect 55gr load. I would test on my body armour, but I cannot afford to buy another.

02-22-2006, 10:18 AM
55 grain loads are the only thing that is tempting me to reload. I've been following you guys' progress and it seems promising. Maybe we should lump this in with the sticky thread?

My question is that since you guys are using the pistol, would this loading data not be optimized for the longer barrel of the PS90? Should us PS90 guys be playing with slower burn rates, etc?

02-22-2006, 06:42 PM
Should us PS90 guys be playing with slower burn rates, etc?
No one has tried compairing yet.
But I would have to say yes, go with slower powder and use as much as you can safely.
It would all most be like developing good loads for a 45ACP pistol then useing the ammo in a Tommy gun.
45ACP carbines only give velocitys about 100fps higher then there pistol counter parts. Now if you develope loads for carbines then velocitys will be better. If you take your carbine developed loads and shoot them out of a pistol then they maybe a little "dirtier" from not burning up all the powder.
55gr and 62gr bullets would preform quite well out of a PS90 I would think.
I'm not even sure it loading SS109's in the Fiveseven pistol would be worth it.
I think most of the 5.7 reloaders are loading for the pistol there are a few people loading for the PS90 but not many.

Evan Stevens
02-22-2006, 11:19 PM
There are not enough PS90s out yet. I think you could load hotter for the rifle, like the SMG ammo in 9mm and 45ACP. You can lighten the ss109s to 50 grains or so, but you take weight from the rear and will not get a good yaw. Maybee the ss109 will be good for the PS90. So far I have had a-lot of success with 55gr FMJ. I first set out for 1600fps, but now I feel that 1800fps is not out of the question.

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