View Full Version : IDPA Saturday

Evan Stevens
02-06-2006, 02:14 AM
I used my Glock 21 for the first time in competition on Saturday. In a 75 round match I scored a 82.1. My previous best is a 93.7. Lots of shooting multiple targets. The 3rd stage was a sky marshall drill. 6 targets 6 innocents fire from sitting, move to cabin door shoot 3 BGs in tatical sequence. Almost perfect (+1 second) on this stage.

IDPA is good practice for a real life situation. Some people don't like all the rules. They say that is not life like. The rules make you think and preform tasks as directed. Soon it will be Spring and that means outdoor matches USPSA/IDPA. Even if you don't compete, using IDPA/USPSA senarios in your training program will improve your weopans handling.