View Full Version : 52 Gr Matchking for the 5.7 info

01-30-2006, 06:27 PM
Don't know if anyone is interested, but I have loaded some 5.7 with Sierra 52 gr Matchking with VV 3N37 with CCI BR-2 primers for the PS90.

Sorry no chrono info as I shoot mainly for groups (I'm an avid benchrest shooter so I could care less the velocity as long as tight group).

WIth VV 3N37, 4.6 yielded the tightest groups, at around 1 1/2" from 50 yards, and this is shooting offhand so probably some human error involved (kind of akward placing a PS90 on a Hohen windage top...)

No cratering in primer. Tried 3N37 up to 4.8 gr, no cratering but the groups start to expand again.

Recoil with 4.6 gr is very light, less than the SS196, almost like shooting a .22 rimfire.