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12-23-2005, 11:52 PM
Im relitivly new to reloading myself and im currently keeping with .223 and .308 ammo to get better aquainted with the process.

But I must say the information here is first rate.

I purchased a five-seven back in September almost a mth after Katrina.
I had been kicking around the idea to purchase one for a few years now but after useing a 9mm in NO I needed something better.
Just preference I wont touch a 9mm again.
I fell in love with the five-seven while fireing the first magizine.

Funny thing is I showed it to a few others in my unit and a week later 18 of us owned one. * Personnal not issued weapons mind you *

Currently I have 1500 195's and 800 196's. And all of my friends spent brass comeing to me.
While the 195's impressed me and the new 197's interest me I picked up 4k projectiles of israel make 62gr FMJ .224 lead lined steel cores. aka .224 version of the 5.56 SS109
I'll be trying for a round approaching 1600-1700 fps if I get more hey great if not no problem.
If this ever happens again down here according to the Geneva conventions military must use FMJ. Which explains why im looking at this projectile and hornady's 55 gr FMJ round.
I just need a reliable sidearm that I know will drop someone.
I have my M14 for distance preferably. or my dag nab M4 if they really push the issue again.

So I'll be checking up here often listening to the advice given studying the research etc etc.
Once again guys great forums and great research.
Hope I can contribute when I get started with the 5.7 reloading myself.