View Full Version : Red Dot

Evan Stevens
12-20-2005, 02:27 PM
Has anyone tryed red dot for light loads. I use 4.5gr red dot in .223. This proples a 55gr fmjbt at 1200fps, and is very quiet. I also use red dot in my 44mag loads. I can get .45acp balistics with 6.7gr and a 240gr lead swc. The most is 10gr at about 1300 fps, low recoil. How about starting with 3gr red dot with a 45gr bullet? I havent loaded any 5.7 yet. I am still collecting components and I have to get a new case trimmer. For my high velocity rounds I think the HS6 is the way to go.
I would like to develop a 2500fps load for the Five seveN. Maybee some special powder will be avaible in the future. What are they using in the .17HMR? Getting 1600 fps from a 55gr bullet would also be nice.