View Full Version : What is your moderate load specs?

HHI 812
11-03-2005, 03:23 PM
Want to just stick with a load to use with some 40 grain V-max and Noslers, and hopefully a similar one with some 46 grain Winchesters I picked up. Have some fired brass, a Wilson case trimmer, RCBS small base die set and a brick of Remington 7 1/2 primers. Sold my Dillon to a buddy, and just using an ancient Bonanza Coax single stage press. No problems with shell holder, since it has a sliding shell plate, but have a Redding 25 ACP shellholder and RCBS #45 if needed. The RCBS shell holder works, but the Redding seems to have a better snug fit. I had one of 40 cases I sized, that didn't want to slide in the Redding, but I just tossed the case since the rest fit. I do have an old Hornady Projector, and Hornady tech told me they have a shell plate for the 5.7 for my progressive, but for now, single stage is the way I'm going to load till I get a set load, then load in bulk. Thanks to MO's help, I've narrowed things down some, but couldn't find any VV 3N37 at good price. Did find one dusty old one pound can in a local shop for $27, but don't want to spend that kind of money on powder, and especially if its going to be hard to come by! Want a practice load close to point of aim to SS195LF. I want a load that will make my brass last for multiple reloads. If I need a hot load I'll just use my SS195LF. Will see what the 197 brings when and if it will be available, but for now, just want to stick with components I can readily get and work out. Appreciate any help. e-mail at dennis.madriaga@gmail.com